This city attracts amazing people who are real, genuine and some of the most caring, generous, and hospitable people you could ever meet.


You might not believe it from the pictures, but Chattanooga is far from perfect (really - we have a long way to go with the likes of public education, poverty, and racial reconciliation). What’s great though, is that we don’t pretend to be perfect either. Chattanoogans are the kind of people you can do life with – the community here is truly special. God is moving in this place, and you can feel it. We don’t know exactly what He has planned for this city, but based on the people already here and the other world-changers who feel inexplicably drawn here, we can’t help to assume it’s going to be BIG.

Like podcasts? This one by the Camp House will give you a great feel for what this city is all about.

Chattanooga's One Table Event on Martin Luther King Street