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I met Lexi in Chattanooga in 2015. She was speaking at a local community event called Pecha Kucha. She talked about how she made it to Chattanooga after growing up in the Orlando area and going to UCF for Hospitality and Event Management. Lex randomly heard about Chattanooga seven times in one week after never knowing it existed and started wondering if God was trying to tell her something. He was. One year later, she was living in Chatt Town. 

I had to wait my turn to introduce myself and talk with her at the end of the evening. The conversation covered many great things, and when she found out I went to Covenant College, she hit me with a high five to our mutual love for Jesus. She slipped me her business card (to which I laughed), and not long after that, we went on our first date for a little tea and coconut macaroons at Rembrandt's. We talked for hours and left that night feeling like we each just met our new best friend. Aaaand not all that long after that, I proposed to her on iconic Walnut Street Bridge.

We married in August 2016 and moved into our new home in Chattanooga's Highland Park neighborhood. We absolutely adored our neighborhood and felt a calling to Chattanooga. It is truly a special, beautiful place with amazing people. We are inspired, encouraged, and energized by our community. At the same time, Chattanooga is also a place with so much opportunity to heal brokenness, and we have been blessed to play a small part in renewing this city with other incredible mission-driven people who hope to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

In 2019, after baby number 2 came along, we made the hard decision to move our family to Winter Garden, Florida to be closer to family. We will always LOVE Chattanooga, and it will always be a home to us. We are thrilled to share this special city with our guests and hope you love it as much as we do.



What we're all about

Hosting people in our home


If we had to pick a favorite word for our little family, it would be hospitality. It's a trait we inherited from our parents. Home is where we love to be the most - you're likely to find us there sitting on the front porch or tossing pizza dough in the kitchen (family pizza night is our bi-weekly event for neighbors and friends new and old).

We honestly feel most ourselves when we are hosting people. We want to be known for the way we encourage and support others, and we love doing life with other genuine folks. 

Our neighborhood

Highland Park Neighborhood

You’ve never seen a neighborhood quite like ours! Located just two miles from downtown Chattanooga, Highland Park is a diverse neighborhood - ⅓ White, ⅓ Hispanic, and ⅓ Black. The neighborhood was established in 1889 and has some of the most beautiful and charming homes in Chattanooga.

We always loved that we can walk to most of our friends homes without breaking a sweat. We love that there are people of all ages in our neighborhood, and it is truly a fit for any season of life. We loved that we literally could not go on a walk without talking to a good neighbor friend or a new neighbor we just met. We loved that we are so close to the entertainment and restaurants we love, while feeling tucked away from the bustle of Downtown.

Basically, we think Chattanooga is the best city, and we also think Highland Park is the best neighborhood within the city. If you are looking for a neighborhood where you can get to know and love your neighbors on a deeper level than suburbia, you should consider Highland Park!

Gorgeous view of downtown Chattanooga

Our community

Our mantra is think macro, invest micro. We want to change the world, and we know that starts in our community. We are blessed by our city and also want to be a blessing to our city. As incredible as Chattanooga is, it's also a place that's home to very distinct worlds on the extremes. There’s a world of affluence and a world of poverty. A world of elite private schools for those who have much and a world of appallingly inadequate public schools for the rest. A world of promising potential embodied by a bourgeoning startup community and a world of despair evidenced by crime and gang activity.

We want to play a part in changing the Chattanooga narrative. We would love to see a Chattanooga where each person has an opportunity to be a part of our renewal. We want to see dreams and passions come alive for everyone here, not just the entrepreneurs moving here. We want the children that grow up here to have a strong education so they can realize their potential and lead Chattanooga in the future. We know this all takes prayer and commitment to sustainable development work. Below are a few of the causes we are most passionate about.

  • Big Brother Big Sister: mentoring is a huge part of our lives. Blake served on the board and as a Big for nearly 10 years

  • Hope for the Inner City: this gospel-centered nonprofit does sustainable development better than any organization we've come across. They thrive on the principles espoused in the book "When Helping Hurts" (written by Covenant professor and fellow Chattanoogan) - truly teaching men and women to fish

  • Homes and Havens: helping women rebuild their home after coming out of drug or alcohol addiction. Lexi served on the board

  • Momentum: provides supportive community to single moms in college, and equips women to be the best moms and providers they can be for their families. Lexi has been an advocate and volunteer

  • UNFoundation: A grassroots organization that gives away thousands of dollars every month to a different and worthy idea to help to make Chattanooga a better place to live, work, and play. Blake was a Trustee for 2 years

  • United Way: Helping ensure every community member is educated, stable, and supported. Blake served on the Unum campaign committee

  • 1Table: quite possibly the coolest event in Chattanooga - Causeway's 1Table brings the city together for a Thanksgiving meal. It's beautiful thing. Blake servds on the committee, and we both helped make it happen on the day of


We are entrepreneurs at heart with a passion for sustainable real estate investing in our city.


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